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    At The National Racial Justice Network, we envision a dynamic digital space that serves as a beacon of enlightenment, resilience, and celebration within the rich tapestry of Black history. Our mission is to amplify the diverse narratives, untold stories, and remarkable achievements that have shaped the Black experience throughout the ages. We strive to create a vibrant community where the past, present, and future intersect—a space where readers can engage with compelling content that educates, inspires, and fosters a deep appreciation for the indomitable spirit of the Black community. By delving into the multifaceted layers of history, culture, and innovation, we aim to bridge gaps in understanding, fostering unity and mutual respect among individuals from all walks of life. Through meticulous research, thoughtful storytelling, and a commitment to accuracy, The National Racial Justice Network Black History Blog aims to shed light on the often overlooked contributions of Black leaders, trailblazers, and everyday heroes. We aspire to ignite conversations that challenge preconceptions, dismantle stereotypes, and cultivate a more inclusive and enlightened worldview. Our vision extends beyond the digital realm; we aspire to create a ripple effect of awareness, advocacy, and empowerment. By engaging with our content, readers will be inspired to embrace a shared commitment to justice, equality, and the ongoing pursuit of a more equitable world. Ultimately, The National Racial Justice Network Black History Blog envisions itself as a catalyst for change—a space where the power of knowledge transforms lives, dismantles barriers, and fuels a collective journey toward a future where Black history is not merely celebrated but deeply understood, respected, and interwoven into the fabric of our global consciousness.

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rjn presents a news blog!

The Racial Justice Network News Blog is dedicated to serving as a beacon of truth, transparency, and advocacy in the relentless pursuit of racial justice. Our mission is to amplify the voices of the marginalized, broadcasting the victories, struggles, and ongoing battles in the fight for equality. Through rigorous journalism and unwavering commitment to accuracy, we aim to shed light on court battles won by the Racial Justice Network, expose injustices affecting people of all persuasions, and highlight upcoming events that contribute to the discourse on social equity. By providing a platform for unfiltered narratives and informed perspectives, we strive to empower our audience to engage critically with issues of racial injustice and inspire meaningful action.

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Closing the educational
Race Gap
Partnering with ALL teachers and local school boards to provide a higher standard of education while  increasing funding for poorly performing schools.
Advocating for human 
rights complaints
Partnering with human rights attorneys to file complaints on the genocidal conditions inflicted on Americans of all ethnic backgrounds and our families.
Mass Incarceration 
& prison Reform 

Continuing the fight to abolish the 13th Amendment and the over policing of our communities.
Addressing Political 
& Economic Parity
Fighting aganist voter suppression and working to increase voter education and voter registration.
Supporting Victims of
Police brutality
Exposing rogue cops and demanding police accountability in all precincts across America.
Disputing health disparities
amongst minorities
Advocating for all women and acknowledging the racism that exist in healthcare.