Thou Shalt Not Kill Crriculum Sign-up

The executive team oft the Racial Justice Network hereby announces the commencement of our ground-breaking, violence prevention campaign, Thou Shalt Not Kill.  This campaign tackles, head-on, the controversial subject of black-on-black violence, by targeting African American youth and their parents to participate in thought provoking and resolution-based dialogue.  Our mission for this campaign is to begin conversations that will permeate African American homes and other community centers, such that it will affect permanent cultural change to curb and eliminate violence.

This remarkable call to action, has at its center, the Racial Justice Network’s novel curriculum titled Thou Shall Not Kill.  We propose to send an educational team, which will introduce this curriculum.   The team will travel to communities across the United States, one city at a time, in our newly outfitted bus.  Our curriculum is geared towards enlightening youth and parents, of the dangers of unchecked violence, and the benefits of embracing a reform of negative, violent prone cultural norms.  As a result of participating in this educational opportunity, we expect to see a positive shift in the mindset of future generations, which is geared towards living more peaceful, productive lifestyles..

Book cover.pdf 10 22 2023